No Rulz grew out of a 2007 art class started by Ann and Mallory Regan to provide some artistic/recreational opportunities.  They planned different projects over the 4-week class, but the class never ended.  One of the projects was tie-dying socks.  The artists received compliments and questions on our unique socks and the light bulb went on.  We decided to dye more socks and try to sell them at local craft and holiday shows to “have fun & make money” and more importantly introduce ourselves as contributing members of the community. The love of creating the tie-dye apparel keeps us going, but we really love talking to people about our art AND seeing our customers smile

The original goal of No Rulz was to create a social and recreational atmosphere for persons with and without special needs while providing an outlet for creativity. We quickly added headbands to our offerings and adopted the slogan of “Understanding from Head to Toe”.  For the next 10 years No Rulz was a staple at crafts shows, and local boutique stores and salons. We expanded our inventory to include not only socks and headbands, but also baby clothes, bags, aprons, and other apparel.  We have tried numerous ways of dying apparel and have learned from others, trial and error, and some of the artists have even developed their own techniques.  Needless to say, this is not your summer camp tie dye.  People often get their first pair of socks because of who we are, but they come back for more because of the quality and uniqueness of the products.

In 2018, it was time for No Rulz to go to the next level.  The focus on social/recreational was no longer going to be the sole purpose of No Rulz.  We are going to build a profitable business WITH (not for) people of different abilities and demonstrate that individuals with specials needs are able, and given the opportunity, can and do contribute.  Together we built up our production, launched our website, expanded the number of stores we sell through, and even started selling online. Our goal is to produce top-notch products and create a profitable business while building awareness, acceptance and independence for our partners/colleagues/coworkers/friends/siblings/neighbors/children/artists/everyone.

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