Ann Regan

I am a wife, mom of six (5 boys and 1 girl) and grandmother to five and counting. My son Tim (son #5) has Down syndrome. When he graduated high school and into vocational training I realized there was nothing “out there” once we left our welcoming school system. We needed social, recreational and employment opportunities. My daughter Mallory and I developed an art program (because we all LOVE art!) that was to be 4 weeks long and needless to say this class has never ended!!

We tie dyed that first summer and a passerby asked if our socks were for sale – the rest is history!! We sell our “wears” at several artisan/craft boutiques and a few retail stores in the Cleveland area. (You can contact us for more information.)

For me, there is nothing like sitting in a room filled with innocence, honesty, enthusiasm and pride, and THAT IS No Rulz!
We have “no rules” because there are “No Rulz” in art and who needs rules when you have LOVE, RESPECT, FUN and don’t forget COLORS!!!

Mallory Regan

When you are the last of six siblings and the only female you learn to be creative at an early age. I was drawn to art as a child, and in addition to a masters degree in Occupational Therapy, managed a minor in art. When we developed the arts program we were thinking a one-time activity to provide some additional recreational opportunities for young adults with special needs. Little did we know that our afternoon of tie-dye would lead us and them to No Rulz Art. No Rulz is THEIR art, their raw, authentic art. It is not just that each piece is one of a kind, created by hand, but each piece is created with joy from an artist who believes that each piece says something about themselves, and believes that a bit of that joy goes along with the person wearing or gifting that piece.

Tim Regan
Human Resources and Morale/Artisan

I like doing No Rulz Art and tie dying. I do rainbow colors, football teams like the Cleveland Browns, Ohio State Buckeyes, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Christmas colors, Hanukah colors. I like to do socks and I like selling them and talking to people about the colors and how we do it. We sometimes do shirts, scarves, hats and I like doing all of them. I like wearing my tie dye socks!

Erin Greene

I like No Rulz Art and making socks. My favorite part is washing them after they are dyed. My favorite color is pink but I like to use black and other dark colors when I tie dye. I have fun at No Rulz and I like seeing my friends, especially Brittany, and listen to everyone talk. They are funny!!

Brittany Weiss
Marketing and Sales/Artisan

My name is Brittany Weiss I am 28 years old. No Rulz means be together, be nice to everyone. That is the rules.

Meghan Drops
Marketing and Sales/Artisan

Hi, I’m Meghan. I love No Rulz Art because I get to see my friends and being creative making one of a kind items. It’s fun to meet people when selling what we have made. I like to visit my brother and sister. I love to dance with Dancing Wheels, workout with Jacob’s Ladder Fitness, swimming, bike riding, golfing, walking, dancercise. I like going to Cedar Point and sometimes a movie and shopping or doing stuff on the computer. That is myself!

Leesa Leimsieder
#1 Seller/Artisan

I like No Rulz Art because it is fun, beautiful friends and we have a good time. I like to use pink and doing tie dye stuff. I am very friendly and love selling our tie dye. I am the best seller!!

Kelleen Kinnaird

Hello my name is Kelleen and I love being part of No Rulz Art. I can be very creative and choose my favorite colors to tie dye. I have made new friends and also hang out with some old friends. We then can go out in public and sell our tie dye to people. I’m very proud of what we make and I like to show off our great items. So please if you see us in the community come up and see our many tie dye merchandise. We would love to brag to you. We are so grateful for Annie Regan giving us this opportunity to do this.

Carrie Linden

My Name is Carrie Linden and I am proud to say that I have Down Syndrome. I live with my mom and am passionate about my nieces and nephews and I love spending time with my two sisters.I am also passionate about my jobs at The Cleveland Clinic and The Upside Of Downs. I also enjoy coloring and doing my word search books and jigsaw puzzles. I joined No Rulz Art in 2007 and i had so much fun. It helped me relax and stay calm. It gave me a chance to be with peers to socialize and create awesome work. I have helped sell our merchandise all over cleveland and i really enjoyed when people bought our product. No Rulz Art is special to me.

Nick Regan
Communications and Sales/Artisan

I am a stay-at-home dad with 2 amazing and energetic children. I was at Ohio State getting my PhD in Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry when No Rulz was born. I was home often to help out and always made sure to take a few socks with me back to Columbus. After graduating, moving back to the Cleveland area with my wife and starting a family, my life situation created an opportunity to become a stay-at-home dad.

Growing up with a brother that has Down syndrome has taught me that all individuals with and without disabilities are capable of great things. I saw No Rulz as a place that is founded on that belief and allows ALL of its participants to grow, play, socialize, be included, and most of all, make great products. My belief in the No Rulz way, the products, and the possibility to change the way the world views people with disabilities has brought me to join the No Rulz team and help grow it into the model company for the inclusion of all.

Bill Regan
Finance, Sales, and Logistics/Artisan

Over the last 10 years, I would occasionally stop by the No Rulz workshop (aka. the basement) and see a beehive of activity. Everyones face, usually covered in dye or paint, was always smiling and having a great time. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

After graduating Ohio University with a degree in Finance, I began to look for natural gas in Pennsylvania and New York. For 11 years I worked for Stryker Energy, splitting half of my time in the muddy oil fields and the other comfortably in the office. Joining me in the field most of the days was my brother Tim, an artist at No Rulz.

My first day at No Rulz I got teased a little by all of the veterans, but with every joke came a room full of laughter and it was well worth it. The creativity, the brainstorming, the color schemes, and business proposals by the workforce at No Rulz can not be duplicated, and why we succeed.

Peace and Love

Garry Regan
Business Development/Roadie

My favorite color IS tie-dye since I am totally colorblind (and an old hippie), but I have been behind the scenes of No Rulz since inception, offering business advice and hauling the collection to and from craft shows. I have watched our young adults grow from hobbyists to artisans, knowing that they produce high quality products, and believing that they can and should share their vision and talents with others. For myself, I have started and run small businesses, one of which became very big and was sold, but did all this with other talented people (many more talented than I), and partners who shared common vision and goals. I love No Rulz for what it stands for (all people have value) and where it can go.

I am here to assist our arts/craft show partners, the entrepreneurial retailer and the multi-store brick and mortar or online retailer learn about No Rulz and develop a relationship for our collection/brand.

If you have an interest or special request, let me know as THERE ARE NO RULZ!

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