TYT Studio CK/Silk Body Boutique

Thank you Studio CK and Silk Body Boutique!!!  We don’t usually thank two stores at one time but these two are special.  Studio CK is co-owned by Cindy Montecalvo, a high school friend of our founder Ann Regan, and Silk Body Boutique is owned by Cindy’s daughter Nicole.  This mother and daughter duo also represent one of our original and one of our newest stores.

Studio CK is one of the few stores that have been with us from the start.  They sell No Rulz socks, headbands, and our new pedicure socks from the storefront in their salon.  Studio CK is located at 3365 Richmond Rd. Suite 250, Beachwood, Ohio 44122. Their website is www.studiockbeachwood.com.

Silk Body Boutique just recently opened in Mayfield and is Cleveland’s 1st and ONLY true full service body waxing boutique.  Along with all of their beauty services Silk also carries their very own eyebrow products, an array of unique jewelry from local artists, handmade skin care, essential oils, and No Rulz socks and headbands.  Silk is located at 6647 Mayfield Rd., Mayfield Heights, OH 44124 and their website is www.silkbody.org

Thank you Studio CK and Silk Body Boutique for helping us build a business WITH people with differing abilities and showing the world that individuals with the label of specials needs are ABLE and given the opportunity, can and do contribute.

A Message from Kelleen!

I get to see and work with my friends. Having fun creating the different color tie dyes! Being creative and having outlets to sell our products and being proud of not only making it , but selling it. Showing people how productive we can be with our abilities! We laugh a lot, doesn’t seem like a job but hanging out with friends. Gives us a opportunity to talk to people buying our products. We always have a smile on our proud faces! Thank you for No Rulz Art!!!

Meet “Yes We Can” Ann

When Nick said it was my turn for the blog I asked myself what does No Rulz means to me? So so so many words came to mind that I could barely type fast enough. I went back to prioritize my list but not one phrase was more important than another.

What No Rulz means to me:
Family and friends
Surrounded by Innocence and honesty
Dance parties
Perfectly imperfect
Playing with art
Shared responsibility
Believing that every individual has a gift to give/share!
Everyone can contribute something!
Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi
Everything good
Phenomenal work ethic
Never underestimate

No Rulz means EVERYTHING to me ❤️

Avon Spring Craft Show This Saturday!!!

We are starting Spring with an Avant-Garde Craft Show in Avon this Saturday, March 24th 10AM-5PM at the Emerald Event Center.
33040 Just Imagine Dr. Avon, OH 44011
$3.00, Children Under 12 are Free!
A portion of all proceeds will be donated to local non-profit, Prayers from Maria.
A concessions stand will be available at the show. Free parking is also on site!
Come get your Spring started right with some new one-of-kind socks, headbands, leggings, and more from No Rulz!

Meet our “Best Sales Person”, Leesa

my name is Leesa Leimsieder I like doing tye dye with my friends. we have a great time doing it together.  I have a great time selling socks and other tye dye items.  I like to selling tie dye socks it is fun get me up I like go to movies with my friends I Volunteer at MONTEFIORE  I like to help out on Tuesdays.  I like to color with gel pens,  it is fun I don’t like to sat on my butt and watch t.v and I love to shopping for movies, music, and art stuff.  No Rulz helps me be active independent and be with my friends It is something to look forward to.  I am the best sales person!!!

We are Taking our Talents to the Capital City!!!

That’s right. No Rulz will be in Columbus, Ohio this coming weekend at the Columbus Spring Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show. We will be at the Makoy Event Center, 5462 Center St., Hilliard, OH 43026, Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 10AM to 4PM.

We will be selling all of our products including socks, headbands, baby clothes, accessories and our new ties and leggings.  Of course we will have plenty of green for St Patty’s Day and Scarlet and Grey.  Go Bucks!!!

Meet Meghan!!!

Meghan Drops, 29 years old.

No Rulz mean to be my friends and sell socks in different craft show to get out the house and be creative to be an artist.  No Rulz make me happy, perfect, and excited. I like Tie dye because make different colors is pink and purple and also make some money and get out to be social and also talk with my friends when doing selling our socks in craft show.  I want to make money to go shopping buy clothes and food for me and my family.  I am a vegan.  I eat plant based.  I in a program SIL Leadership. Program to become a board member in people first.

Brittany Explains What No Rulz Means to Her

My name is Brittany Weiss am 28 years old.  No Rulz Art means we need to work together and be positive have good teamwork and be part of the group show respectful to other friends do not call names.  I like using pink and rainbows while tie dying.  I love spending time with all of my friends.  I want to earn money for working really hard to buys stuff and save for my new house.   Annie helps us a lot and is always here to help us.  She is like the greatest person ever.  A lot of us have different disabilities.  When I go other places I don’t feel trusted but here I feel fine.  it is so much fun think about to be strong inside for yourself nobody else.

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